7 Signs You Need To Become a Software Designer Rather Than a Coder

Software designers and coders are often confused because in the real-world these two jobs are often done by the same person. There is, however, a difference. A software designer can code but is also responsible for the overall design and architecture of a software product. A coder, or computer programmer, designs, writes, and tests code, … Read more

11 Self-Taught Software Engineers That Have Made an Impact

Besides the most well-known and famous software engineers (namely, Bill Gates and Elon Musk), there are a number of self-taught and self-made software engineers who have made an impact on how software is used and developed in the tech industry.   1. Ada Lovelace Considered one of the first computer science engineers, laying the foundation of … Read more

How To Start a Career in Cyber Security – The Newbie Coder Friendly Guide

As technology keeps evolving there is always going to be high rates of cyber-crime hence an unending need for cyber security professionals with varying skill sets. A very interesting specialty if you ask me. The needs for cyber security professionals are interdisciplinary and this is a field that contributes to our overall safety on the … Read more

How to Get Into Fintech: Top Opening Types to Watch and Skills to Have

What is fintech? Fintech, an abbreviation for financial technology, is any technology that seeks to improve financial services. The purpose of fintech is to improve the management of finances for businesses and companies. But also helps any sector that has a need for managing finances, such as education. Consumers can also benefit from its automation … Read more