The Ultimate Guide To No-Code Development And The Best Zero-Code Tools

As digitization spreads to all corners of the globe, computer programming remains one of the most sought-after professional skills. However, there has been a significant shift from relying solely on coding languages to creating software services for non-tech-savvy clients. These “no-code” tools promise to give people without a formal coding education the freedom to develop … Read more

Want To Get Into ML? Master These Machine Learning Programming Languages

Machine learning is a growing component of data science related to artificial intelligence. With machine learning, computer systems can perform tasks, identify patterns, and make predictions. Essentially, you’re programming the computer to learn from its past experiences. Computer algorithms can access and classify data based on a specific model. The programs learn from the input … Read more

The Importance of Creative Coding for Kids

Computer coding is a way of passing information to the computer in a manner which the computer understands. This is achievable through the use of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT etc. Like normal languages that we speak e.g. English and French, computer programming languages have different syntax and style that a programmer needs … Read more

Top Excel Skills That Can Actually Help You Segue Into a Tech Career

Excel is widely used by analysts, consultants, marketers, bankers, and accountants. You might even come across other experts using Excel’s complex formulas and charts, such as graphic artists and engineers who are maximizing Excel’s formulas and charts. If you don’t have any educational background, developing Excel skills is a powerful way to start analyzing data … Read more

Algorithms for Beginners – Top Places To Learn

Learning algorithms is one of the best ways to develop your programming skills. An algorithm is a set of instructions that a program uses to complete tasks. Algorithms provide rules that a computer uses for solving problems or performing calculations. They are the key to how computers analyze data and automate decisions. Best courses on … Read more