9 Best Online Learning Apps

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have been around for years, but they’re gaining serious traction in the last few years. As internet connections become faster worldwide, e-learning is becoming more widely accepted. Here is nine best online learning apps. 

Gone are the days when employers ignored online courses and accreditations. Indeed, as more institutions and businesses partner with MOOC platforms, it’s safe to say e-learning platforms will grow in the ensuing decades.

Whether you’re looking to advance your career or learn a new hobby, education apps below are a fantastic way to fit high-quality courses into a busy schedule. Many of the world’s most respected learning platforms now offer mobile apps to help you learn on-the-fly. Whether you’re at the gym, on the road, or chilling at home, you could easily play a few podcasts from your smartphone.

Apps For Autodidacts – The Best Learning Apps For On-The-Go Education 

With so many apps marketed towards autodidacts, it can be difficult for newcomers to choose the right program for them. While every learning app has its pros and cons, the suggestions below have a proven track record of “scholastic success.” Whichever app you decide to download, we bet it will enhance your intellectual life.

For Young Professionals: The Coursera App

Best Online Learning Apps

Whenever people talk about online education, Coursera has to enter the conversation. First launched in 2012, Coursera has become one of the world’s most respected MOOCs for students and professionals.

Not only does Coursera work with academic institutions, it has hot connections with some of the world’s biggest businesses. Indeed, leading minds from Google and Amazon now teach courses on Coursera’s platform. With partnerships that influential, it’s no wonder Coursera degrees gain a lot of cred on resumes.

If you’re looking for a serious “college-style” course, then the Coursera app may be right for you. While hobbyists could learn a ton on Coursera’s platform, this app is perfect for people most interested in professional advancement.

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For Young Scholars: The edX App

edX app on iPhone.

No, we didn’t misspell “TEDx!” Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a good TEDx talk. But edX is better suited for students serious about earning college credit.

Like Coursera, edX is a powerful MOOC provider with a lot of clout in the educational space. While edX might not have as many company connections as Coursera. It has plenty of university-backed programs in a wide variety of disciplines. 

edX is particularly well-known for its “micro” courses, which offer bachelor’s or master’s credits at an affordable rate. Just be sure to double-check your institution accepts edX credits before applying.

While anyone could learn from edX’s extensive portfolio, this MOOC is perfect for students interested in getting an edge at college. We’d recommend anyone in higher education give edX’s app a close look.

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For A Good All-Around Education: The Udemy App 

Udemy offers a mobile app.

Like edX and Coursera, Udemy is a well-respected MOOC platform that offers a diverse assortment of high-quality paid content. Currently, there are over 130,000 courses across thousands of disciplines on Udemy’s app­—so there’s plenty to keep learners busy for a long time!

Although this app’s high-quality coding courses get a ton of press, it’s also famous for its Business platform. Indeed, dozens of high-profile companies like Adidas and Lyft have used Udemy’s Business program to expand their operations. Udemy also gives amateur instructors the chance to publish unique courses on everything from gardening to gaming.

If you’re looking for an excellent all-around educational app, Udemy might be the right choice for you.

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Want A Free & Flexible Education? Try Khan Academy’s App 

Khan Academy enables free mobile learning.

If you’re looking for a way to learn as much as possible without spending a dime, then you should “enroll” in Khan Academy. This highly successful non-profit is on a mission to provide the highest-quality online education for free.

In addition to math, technology, and science, Khan Academy has a few humanities-backed history courses to give users a well-rounded education. There’s also a Khan Kids program that could give little learners a serious brain boost.

While some people have complained that Khan Academy focuses too much on the US educational system, how could you argue with free courses? The Khan Academy app is a phenomenal and affordable app that’s well-suited for learners of all ages.

Enjoy Superstar Seminars With The MasterClass App

MasterClass mobile app with various courses.

If you want to advance in your chosen field, then why not learn from the best? That’s the philosophy behind the wildly popular MasterClass platform. This subscription-based app gives users access to tons of courses taught by prominent celebrities.

From skateboarding with Tony Hawk to stargazing with Neil deGrasse Tyson, there are plenty of exciting courses on the MasterClass program. Sure this app may be a bit more “entertainment-based” than other learning apps, but it’s probably more educational than bingeing on Netflix! If you’re interested in taking your hobbies to the next level, then the MasterClass app may provide the right dose of inspiration.

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Academic “Infotainment”…In The Best Possible Way – The Great Courses App

The Great Courses App.

Like MasterClass, the Great Courses app offers hours of professionally produced “infotainment” from some of academe’s most renowned instructors. While you may not find as many celebrities on Great Courses, you will find a broader array of courses in classic academic disciplines.

Indeed, there are now over 800 classes in the Great Courses catalog, most of which focus on philosophy, history, and professional growth. Anyone interested in the sciences or humanities will have fun exploring Great Courses’ enlightening programs.

For your convenience, the Great Courses app easily integrates with Roku and Kindle Fire. So, if you want to add some scholasticism to your streaming, consider testing the Great Courses app.

For Artsy Types: CreativeLive App

CreativeLive mobile app.

CreativeLive is the ideal learning app for right brained people. Founded in 2010, this respected online platform offers hundreds of courses designed to inspire the “inner creator” in all of us. 

If you’re someone who enjoys fields like music, film, design, or photo graphy, you’ll find plenty to choose from in CreativeLive’s library. As a bonus, CreativeLive has a “Money & Life” category so you won’t have to live the “starving artist” lifestyle.

Interestingly, CreativeLive also has a unique live streaming channel called CLTV. Members of the CreativeLive community could easily interact with instructors via Q&A meet-ups and live courses.

Anyone looking for a little nudge in the creativity department will love what’s going on in CreativeLive’s portfolio.

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Supercharge Your Science Skills With The Brilliant App

Brilliant app screenshots.

If you’re looking for a more “logical” app, you’ve got to check out Brilliant. This subscription based app is sure to stimulate each student’s STEM skills with expertly designed games and instant feedback.

There are three broad categories in Brilliant’s portfolio: math, science, and computer science. Each of these categories is subdivided into “basic” and “advanced,” with dozens of specialties in each group.

Rather than listening to lectures and completing homework, Brilliant believes in the power of repeated trial and error exercises. So, if you’re a hands-on learner who wants to brush up on your math skills, Brilliant could be a “smart” addition to your smartphone.

Learn Languages The Fun Way With DuoLingo 

DuoLingo app screenshots.

It doesn’t matter what field you’re going into: learning a foreign language will give you a competitive edge. As an extra perk, new studies say bilingual people have a sharper memory than monolinguists.

Thankfully, one of the world’s best language learning apps is free, fun, and features an ultra cute owl mascot! DuoLingo is a color full app that teaches users dozens of languages in a game-style format. After reaching your goal for the day, you’ll get gems to spend on bonus lessons, daily streak freezes, and nifty outfits for Duo! All of these fun features help make DuoLingo an addicting way to get into a new language.

DuoLingo isn’t the most compre hensive language learning software, but it can help polish basic language skills. The games on DuoLingo are color ful and addicting, plus Duo will remind you every day to practice your chosen language. Whether you want to learn Spanish, French, or even Navajo, DuoLingo is the way to go!

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