Learn Skills to Get a Career in Tech

Find the best resources and opportunities to learn new skills. Explore ways to upgrade your career & income with online education.

At Skillspot, we provide resources for you to decide which profession to pursue. Then, we show you how to learn skills for in-demand jobs like a Project Manager, Web Designer, Data Scientist or a Software Engineer.

Careers in Tech

With online technology sector outgrowing most other economic sectors for a while, the careers in tech companies and startups are presenting an amazing opportunity to seasoned as well as young professionals.

Here you can discover the most in-demand jobs on the market, with focus specifically on tech.

Online Learning

Software Engineering, Web Development, Graphics Design and Digital Marketing are not new professions, but they are some of the newest occupations on the planet. All enabled by growth of connectivity in the last decades.

Skills to do this type of work are easy to acquire and train fully online, you can even learn on your phone.

Plan & Focus

Your experience and capabilities are more important to the employers than any degree, making them an attractive alternative career choice you can pursue.

Getting educated online, part or full-time, requires dedication and focus, however. So expect to put in the effort needed.

Applying New Knowledge

You can increase your chances of getting hired by training your skill. Work on a hobby-project, help out a small businesses for free, do a digital internship to build your portfolio. The most important is to get stuck in a learning loop and be practicing your skill proactively.

Woman learning online in front of a laptop, throwing away crumbled paper notes behind.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

– Nelson Mandela

Top Careers

Do you want to pursue a more creative careers or something more structured? Would you prefer working in teams or independently? Asking yourself those and others questions will make your choice easier.

Best Learning Platforms

From self-paced online courses to schools with mentors. We have reviewed the most popular options available, both free and paid. Some may fit better depending on what development path you will take on.

Getting Hired

Freshly minted, or junior, digital professionals like software engineers, project managers or designers often need to apply to hundreds of positions to get hired for the first time.

Learn how to be more efficient at finding your first job. And practice while you’re looking for it.

Freelancing Opportunity

To make extra income, keep sharp, and build up your experience by practice, consider freelancing. You can start from small projects, consulting, or taking on a larger challenger for budget-savvy clients to start applying your skills and getting paid for it.

The first step is yours to take

Formal Education vs. Informal Self-Learning

Self-education is the most important factor for developing skills.

People with strong drive to self-educate will always outperform those that would rely only on formal higher education.

With the growth in online learning schools and easier access to learning materials from any device, there is no excuse to not realise your potential.

Here are a few names you may know. Those people have achieved their massive success with drive, passion, discipline and self-learning.

  • Steves Jobs – Apple. Dropped out of Reed College after one semester, but learner critical typography skills there.
  • Mark Zuckerberg – Founder of Facebook. Dropped out of Harvard after 2 years of study.
  • Jan Koum – Co-founder of WhatsApp. Dropped out of San Jose State University at the age of 21.
  • Oprah Winfrey – Media mogul. She left Tennessee State University to pursue a broadcasting gig.
  • Frederick Henry Royce – Founder of Rolls Royce. No higher education. At 15 year old, he had only completed one year of school.
  • Mary Kay Ash – Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. The founder of cosmetics company did start at college.
  • The Wright Brothers – Inventors of the airplane. The world’s first successful airplane was invested by high school dropouts.
  • Thomas Edison – Inventor of the light bulb and more. He was home-schooled.
  • Soichiro Honda – Founder of Honda. He quit school and went to work for an auto repairman.
  • Ray Kroc – McDonalds. Fast-food pioneer was a high school dropout.
  • We can keep going, but the list goes on and on…

This list is not made to somehow undermine the validity of a formal education as a way to learn skills. If you can to pursue one – it’s probably best to do it rather than not. The list, however, is to remind you that there are people who achieved wild success without it.

Perhaps it will be motivating enough for you to start pursuing a new career or learn a new skill.