Coursera Review

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Introduction to Coursera

Coursera is one the most recognized massive open online courses provider that is among the current online modes of teaching. Coursera was established by Andrew Ng and Daphne Coller the two professors of Stanford University. The platform provides programs that adhere to its description on ensuring universal access to the globe’s best education, partnering with major universities and firms to offer online courses.

Coursera platform goes beyond of partnering with a good number of key global universities through collaborating with companies. It provides a platform whereby big corporates for instance IBM teach classes. Contrary to other similar learning platforms like edX, Coursera was established for profit and supported by the giant investors such as Perkins. However, it accumulates its profits the paid courses besides providing free courses.

The platform has overall given opportunities to firms to enroll their workforce for development and training programs, the fact that it offers business courses. Coursera enables the governments to empower their employees for future jobs. Coursera for campus ensures the staff and students continuously upskill to match the emerging sectors.   

Coursera Review Verdict

In regard to Coursera, free courses offer consumers access to homework exercises, video lectures and forum discussion whereas paid courses provide extra projects, quizzes and shareable course certificates. Individuals can access a paid course with a tuition fee as low as 40 dollars Coursera classifies its offerings as:

  1. Courses for learning new information with paid and free courses. Coursera offers over 4,000 online courses with a number of free ones.
  2. Specializations to master particular skillsets. The learner can choose a specific course associated to his/her career or a group of courses that may cover all elements of his job.
  3. Professional Certificates for courses equipping people for professional careers and becoming job-prepared.
  4. Guided Projects are also provided in the platform to assist a person to have work-relevant skills and job tools in less than 2 hours. Here interactive learning with procedural visual instruction and costs from $9.99.
  5. MasterTrack™ Certificates for learning by master program potions. The courses are solely available as a unit and the certificates are offered following completion of the whole master track.
  6. Finally the Online Degrees whereby, it has partnered with top ranked universities like Princeton to provide learners with degrees that are affordable and accredited.

Coursera courses rely on subjects such a data science, language learning, health, social sciences and information technology. The platform also offers physical science, engineering and math and logic that have numerous explorative sub topics.

Coursera for Business

Coursera significantly accommodates business plans that focus on both larger organizations and smaller teams. Coursera gives two diverse Businesses plans referred to as Coursera for Teams and Coursera for Enterprise. Coursera for teams and enterprise give access to guided projects, quizzes, assessments and verified certificates. The plans vary in the fact courser for enterprise is for bigger corporates and has custom pricing while courser for teams which engages about five to one hundred and twenty five learners is for groups and smaller companies. Coursera for teams costs 400 dollars annually per user with a guarantee of 14 day refund. Both plans aim at integrating learning process into the workflow of respective teams, thus the user may set personal deadlines and awarded certifications on every course completion.

Coursera for University Student

Coursera offers full time and part-time learning for college and University students to acquire job-required skills for free. The learners get access to unlimited projects and a free course per year. 

Coursera pricing

Coursera provides a wide range of pricing because the multiple learning programs it offers. The specific courses may range between 29 dollars to 99 dollars and the degrees conducted online go up to 25,000 dollars. Coursera mode of fee payment consists of one-time payment, monthly subscriptions and yearly subscriptions for instance course plus. Most Coursera courses have option of audit free allowing consumers to access many learning materials for no cost. However particular elements such graded certificates and assignments are a paid feature. The option of audit free may probably be hidden during the process of registration. Varying courses and specializations differ in cost. Therefore, to find the right price one may require to click on the enroll button that is on the left side of the courser course information platform. The cost will be on the basis of individual one-off payment of monthly subscription. Numerous monthly payments offer seven day free trial with charges commencing on the eighth day unless cancelled by the consumer beforehand.

Coursera plus gives the user unlimited access to guided projects, more than 3,000 courses, professional and specialization certificates. The 399 dollars annually subscriptions enable an individual to go through 90 percent of the course library. Although, it does not include master track or degrees certificates.

If anyone has a plan of enrolling in many courses, then courser plus may definitely save the expenditure. The user may have an ability of getting a certificate of every specialization, course and profession he/she successful completes. However, if one wishes to drop upon the enrolment in courser plus, he can get a complete refund within 14 days following the purchase.

Financial Aid

In case an individual requires some financial assistance, courser platform gives an option for scholarship. Financial aid is directly applied to the chosen course whereby the partnering university will be responsible for that.

The most popular courses in Coursera include:

Machine learning course which is a science that involves getting computers to act minus programming. This course has nearly 3 million students enrolled with a good student rating feedback. Andrew Ng the course co-founder is the instructor. This is a great course if you’re thinking about becoming a Data Scientist.

Learning how to learn is another popular course that equips one with strong mental tools to assist him master hard subjects. It gives the user access to the correct learning techniques in disciplines like math, arts, sports and music. It has over 2 million enrolled students and 4.8 student feedback rating out of 5. The course director has won multiple awards.

The science of well-being, a course developed to enhance our own happiness and establish more productive habits is of significance as it has approximately over 1 million enrolled students and 4.9 student feedback rating. A Yale University psychology professor is the course instructor. Professor Laurie Santos, came up with the science of well-being because of her concern about the increasing levels of depression, stress, and anxiety she realized among her undergraduates. Santos addresses actual misconceptions regarding matters that subject us to happiness demonstrates the ways of modifying our habits and thinking patterns to enhance personal happiness. She lectures in a conversational and the video tutorials are filmed in a lounge setting with a small number of Yale university students in attendance.

Programming for everybody is also a common course that focuses on enlightening the consumers with the basics of computer programming. The course has over a million enrolled students and 4.8 student feedback rating. 

The Model Thinking by the University of Michigan introduces the consumers to a variety of theories, thinking strategies and organizing information that assists them to face the chaotic misleading world. The models can help in predicting phenomena such as social changes, market crashes, and business decisions among others. Page the instructor is profoundly engaging and a clear communicator. Just as Professor Santos, he is also easygoing and has a conversational vibe that gets hold of anyone in the trial stage. He has developed the course to match the learners’ diversity. For each theory he gives an introduction tutorial followed by complex lectures that adhere to the suitable procedures and real-world applications. Hence, depending on an individual’s personal knowledge, one can either learn the basic concepts or research into application of the models to practical issues. 

Finally, AI for everyone is a popular course that teaches individuals on AI terminology, data science and machine learning. It has nearly 250,000 enrolled students with 4.8 student feedback rating. Andrew Ng is also the course instructor.

How Coursera Learning Platform Works

After an individual gains access to the Coursera website, signing up is the initial simple process. You do not need to enter the credit card details so as to access a free trial. Then you have to manage your time after course selection, though adding the course deadlines to your calendar that match to your own pace. Finally, the user navigates over the Coursera course.

Coursera reviews and filters

The user has the option of filtering within the reviews enabling an individual to focus going through the reviews that are appropriate information required and neglect unnecessary information.

Checking out instructor

The rating of the instructor is made available in the course description along with his or her prior experience. Their social media and website handles and specific courses they teach are as well an inclusion. 

Try Coursera for free

Coursera offers seven day free trial duration for any person enrolling in a specialization or paid course. Thus necessitating one to find out whether the course is the right one to pursue. If at all the learner is unhappy with the instructor or the course he may simply request for a refund.

Coursera pros and cons

Coursera Pros:

Coursera is a large online platform with many of courses. The platform assists one in attaining Accredited University Degrees since, it has partnered with internationally recognized universities like Stanford and imperial college that offer the degrees when an individual completes a course. Coursera also charges a significantly low tuition fee in comparison to that of a traditional campus or conventional school-based  course. In cases where the consumer may not require a completion certificate, he can enjoy a free course as there is no hidden catch.  Furthermore, the platform allows those who access the information to learn offline through enabling them to download course material.  Coursera offers high quality courses the fact that the instructors are top experts in respective fields from world-class companies and universities.

A major merit with the Coursera online degree is that the interested user may solely pay a fraction of the fee so as to start learning. On might worry that the degree acquired online is not similar to a traditional one encompassed with college experience of class attendance in gothic buildings, actual access to university libraries and staying in a treelined campus. Well, on the other hand the Coursera consumers will not have to deal with hostel bathroom sharing.

Nevertheless there are numerous advantages of studying online for example the flexibility to study at any time and wherever you want. There is also no need to leave your residential place or job to acquire a top university degree. An individual is not provided with the speed limit as he or she can work at a personal pace. In case the user is extra motivated he may quickly complete an online degree unlike the traditional university curriculum that may act as a speed limit.

Hence, Coursera allows a right flexibility deal as it can accommodate people who slowly work due to their hectic lifestyle. Unlike the traditional degree that you apply and wait for admission to a specific program, in Coursera you simply pay the fee and immediately commence on your studies. You also as well have an option to audit or enroll in numerous courses without parting with any finance.

Coursera Cons:

Just like any other platform Coursera also presents its own limitations. For instance, traditional instruction has merits that may not be replicated online such as in-person networking and socializing and an accountability sense that results from individual interaction with the instructors. The discussion forums are hit or miss more so in bigger courses that can be conducted at any time. There are also minimal favorable circumstances for in-depth feedback. Additionally, the platform is not completely comprehensive, because some subjects sections have more available courses compared to others.

Sometimes Coursera may be unfriendly to the user in terms Confusing Pricing that result from diverse pricing subscriptions which may render exact course fee appear unclear and confusing to majority of the users.  Some courses would also need prior knowledge because of the nature of the course content; hence it is not normally user friendly.