5 Reasons to Learn Ethical Hacking

When people hear the term “hacking”, they automatically think negatively about this concept. However, there is such a thing as ethical hacking, which can be a beneficial and rewarding skill to learn. If you want to learn ethical hacking, you can actually make a significant impact for the businesses or organizations that you work for. … Read more

Data Analyst to Data Scientist – Know the Difference between the Two and What’s Right for You

When you are looking to establish your marketing strategy for your business, you will want to reap the benefits of a data analyst or data scientist or both. The issue comes when you are trying to establish exactly what you need and exactly what each one offers. The internet is full of different descriptions and … Read more

Top Data Analysts Projects You Can Expect to Work on

Data analysis has become increasingly important and relevant, with more people relying on technology than ever. As a data analyst, there are plenty of important ways that you can apply your skillset. Let’s look at some of the most exciting projects that you can expect to face and some of their real-world implications.  Sentiment Analysis … Read more