What Is a Lifecycle in DevOps and How Knowing About It Will Help Your Career

The term DevOps refers to Development and Operations. With DevOps, one team handles all aspects of developing a software application, through to the operations phase. The DevOps lifecycle is all of the phases involved in creating an application, including testing and deployment. The DevOps lifecycle is focused on constant evaluation, monitoring, and implementation of changes … Read more

Difference Between Descriptive and Inferential Statistics – And Why It Matters to You as a Data Scientist

Statistics play a key role in the jobs of data scientists. Collecting, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data are all tasks that involve the use of statistics. Statistics help to provide summaries of data and to simplify large amounts of information. The two main types of statistics that data scientists use are descriptive and inferential statistics. … Read more

Top Backend Technologies That Are Not Going Out of Demand

Creating websites and software requires the use of both frontend and backend technologies. Frontend development focuses on user interfaces and is commonly referred to as the client-side. Backend is a term used to refer to server-side activities and focuses on data and algorithms, as well as functionality. Consider it the behind-the-scenes development that allows the … Read more

Software Engineer vs Computer Scientist – Understanding What Both Take

Wondering what the difference is between software engineering and computer science? Maybe you’re trying to figure out which subject to major in at school, or deciding which career to pursue. In this article, we’ll go over the similarities and differences between software engineering and computer science. What is software engineering? Software engineering involves the design, … Read more