Best Paying Remote Jobs

Initially the thought of sitting at home, sipping a cup of tea and earning meanwhile seemed out of the question. For many it seems to be too perfect to be true as there is no hassle to wake up early for work, rush through traffic to reach on time and return back home worn out. You might have heard your friend say that ‘I can take my work with me while I’m out of country’ otherwise ‘I’m working remotely now’. Afterwards this flexible lifestyle is making people yearn that their company switches to long-term remote work. 

Remote Working Setup at Home.

It makes one wonder that what’s better than having the opportunity to expand your skills without surrendering to the traditional 9-5 work hours in a conventional office. 

Either starting up one’s own business otherwise working for someone remotely. Many opportunities exist for people who can work from home. Many high paying remote jobs exist in today’s time for you to earn at home

Art Director

This job duties of a remote art director requires the person to direct the use of different design elements and art for putting up visually attractive magazines and newspapers. They are responsible for showing designs to clients and managing graphic designers. 

Business Development Manager

This high paying remote job requires person with great marketing and sales skills as his main goal is to maximize sales and increase revenue for organizations. Working on and grasping clients, developing business plans and meeting sales goals is all part of this job.


Consultants can generate good revenue remotely as by offering advice to big organizations for improving their management, profitability, finance and marketing. 

Grant writer

Organizations, institutes and hospitals are always on the lookout for grants and need talented grant writers. These writers are earning nearly $40,300-$67,000 per year.

Finance director

Financial health of companies are managed by finance director working remotely by establishing financial strategies and generating reports after conducting assessments. If you have your masters degree in accounting and finance can work hard to land this role.


Working remotely allows scientists to complete their scientific projects wherever they are. A research study might have multiple objectives that’ll require the use of simple and advanced equipments and technologies anywhere in the world.  A contractual scientist working on a pharmaceutical product will be able to test the drug and ensuring. It’s ready for being distributed in the global marketplace. 

Event planning

Whether it’s the corporate world otherwise a small get together. People are always on the lookout for individuals who can set up well organized events and are willing to pay huge amounts for it. For the corporate world, an event planner can manage virtual expos and tradeshows, virtual conferences, product launches, board meetings and seminars online by creating video content and live streaming and offer a high definition experience through Skype otherwise Google Hangouts. 

Medical director

This is one of the highest paying remote jobs in which the medical director has to supervise medical staff, create guidelines and ensure quality assurance in a healthcare organization. 

Mobile app developer

Developing apps for mobile phones and tablets can help generate huge money. If you have expertise in iOS and Android operating system. A mobile developer who’s working remotely gives useful input in the design, test and release of user-friendly applications. 

PR Director

A remote public relations director has the responsibility to manage a team that will write press releases, construct brand initiatives and supervise public events. He has to uphold a positive public image of an organization.

Research engineer

This high paying remote job requires a research engineer to think innovatively and design new products and technologies. They can work in numerous fields including medical, electrical, software and mechanical.

Senior account manager

This remote job requires the qualified person to preserve long term relationships with clients and customers by understanding their needs. He has to manage a large portfolio of client accounts and ensure client satisfaction by guaranteeing superior customer service.

Technical support manager

This top paying remote job has requirements such as staying aware and up-to-date with the advancing technology, installation of hardware and software, management of IT support and tech support employees. 

Graphic designer

Someone having a certification in Adobe photoshop and able to design logos, visual ads and websites for companies can work as graphic designers. The salary package is usually very attractive and the more skilled you are, the more organizations will try to approach you. 

Internet security specialist

Monitoring security threats and implementation of security standards is a part of this remote job’s requirement. 

Patent property lawyer

Applying for a patent always requires the advice from an expert and a patent otherwise intellectual property lawyer plays an important role in the protection and management of intellectual property, trademarks and copyrights. 


Building houses, offices otherwise working on an extension project doesn’t require too many people which is why architects can work remotely. Architects can be consulted via telephone call and a quote can be generated and sent. The concept design including sketches and visualizations can be sent otherwise shown to the client through screen sharing. 

Bridge engineer

Certified bridge engineers working remotely carry out the structural analysis and design bridges and prepare documentation that has all the specifications, plans and estimate of project budget. The bridge engineers may be called in for inspecting to re-construct old bridges otherwise design new ones. 

Dental assistant

A dental assistant manages the dental hygiene plan of the patients remotely. Providing services through implementation of care strategies is all part of this job. 

Electrical Control Analyst

Strong analytical skills are required for this high paying remote job. An electrical control analyst can work remotely for a number of organizations and his job will be to identify shortcomings in work processes of an organization, implement corrections by overseeing alternative workflow solutions to minimize risks. 

Fitness instructor

Self satisfaction is an important step towards loving yourself, and staying fit is one of the key steps towards that. A fitness instructor can work remotely to train, lead and provide instructions to a group of people who want motivation in their life to get on the track of fitness. This can include instructing for strength training, cardiovascular exercises and stretching.

Clinical trial manager

This remote job of managing and overseeing every step of clinical trials comes with a good salary package. It requires the individual to recruit clients for the trials, making sure the trial runs smoothly and implement changes to trial structure where needed. 

Cloud architect

A cloud architect is an IT specialist who oversees cloud computing strategic business for companies. This high paying remote job requires designing and managing cloud applications. 

Home stylist

Interior designers don’t particularly require an office to perform their tasks. They are often needed in societies where new houses are being built and occupants want someone with know-how of what’ll look better and properly set up the interior of their homes. Creating and showing designs to the clients is all part of this job. 

Food photographer

With the growing trend of social media and increasing restaurants and cafes, the demand for food photography is increasing. A food photographer can work remotely and work for many different outlets by taking appealing pictures of their food and do editing and retouching of photos.

Life coach

Life coach is the person who motivates and helps people set their goals. One-on-one sessions and conducting seminars is a part of this remote job. 


It is possible for every musician out there to work remotely. Singers and musicians are earning more by creating their music and putting it on Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud. Online collabs with other musicians is also what captures the listener’s interest.

Nurse practitioner

A trained nurse practitioner working remotely assesses patient’s complaints and needs, writes up laboratory diagnostic tests for disease diagnosis, makes himself available for counseling and prescribes treatment plans.

Social worker

Remote social work jobs can be found in a vast variety of professional areas including health, counseling and education. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics social workers having degrees in different fields including PhD, BSW, MSW earn up to $49,470 yearly. 

Senior manager, Learning Operations

A remote position offered with good salary package that would require an individual to manage the systems. Tactical training and implement strategic operations and develop the financial allocation model. 

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Doing additional courses boosts up your chances of getting a remote job. As there is a room for career shift and find ways to earn better. SkillshareHack Design, Academic Earth, Coursera, Code academy, Future learn are few trustworthy websites that offer online courses. Programming and computer science, communication, Web development, Digital marketing, design and languages are few of the best online learning platforms that can provide advantages and boost your chances of getting hired.

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