22 Best Paying Work from Home Jobs

With growing competition and decreasing market opportunities, seeking out for remote jobs is trending. Individuals with vast knowledge and experience can qualify for high paying work-from-home jobs.  Working online can give the person complete control with whomever he/she wants to work with, gain experience and choose the best rates.

Work from Home Setup with a Laptop

Few online workers earn even more than those that work in offices. However one need to be vigilant to decide the work they want to do as there are many scammers and fraudulent people which is why demanding for sample work to judge the years of experience is getting common.\

Before we proceed with the following list, one thing to keep in mind is that typically technology sector has some of the highest paid jobs, and most of them are possible to perform remotely. There are over 40 startups with fully remote teams.

The list of top remote, not-too-techy work-from-home jobs:

1. Animator

Creating animations and visual effects for video games, television and other media platforms can prove fruitful if you’re good at it. 

2. Blogger

In today’s world where social media has taken over people’s attention being a blogger has many perks as you can create a blog of your own interest and it’s relatively easier as you are your own boss and can be creative with it and earn alongside. If you’re great at what to do, large number of companies can offer sponsorship and contractual offers. There is nothing better than working on something of your own creation and enjoying the benefits that come with it. 

3. Dropshipping

People claim to make thousands of dollars overnight by dropshipping. You would be required to search for a wholesale manufacturer willing to make and ship your product and afterwards create an online store to market your product.

4. Creating an online course

Talent should never go wasted! Whether it’s being better in cooking, teaching, painting, language, taking advantage of the power of knowledge you have, you can design a course online and generate money through it.  

5. Editing and proofreading

Depending upon how fast you work as an online proofreader, more the money. Company like Book in a Box pays its editors and proofreaders $20 per hour. 

6. Virtual assistant

High paying virtual assistant job requires person who can efficiently manage online work that’ll include appointments scheduling, making travel arrangements and phone calls. 

7. Handmade crafter

A craftsman who can use his tools to produce goods can neither sit idly and can easily take advantage of his talent by creating his own website and sell products like jewelry or furniture online. In this manner you can generate good money by letting the world know how your products are better compared the ordinary.

8. Pattern maker

Pattern makers can make patterns on fabric or paper for multiple textile industry companies. Making clothes with intricate pattern design are part of this job. A pattern maker can charge roughly $150-$250 per pattern depending upon professional experience in that field. 

9. Online tutoring

You can either work for a well-established tutoring company or fly solo, this is the beauty of this online job. Introducing your qualifications and experience in the relevant subject, unparalleled advanced knowledge and exceptional teaching skills will prove to be fruitful by starting online tutoring. Many online tutor jobs exist for companies that provide a substantial salary to its employees including Brainfuse, Chegg, TutorMe, VIPKID, Studypool.

10. Data entry

Entering data for businesses may not sound that fun but it’s definitely worth it if you’re charging a handsome amount as this job doesn’t need huge qualifications and you can do it with no previous experience.

11. Resume writing

There isn’t a limit to opportunities for good writers. Professional resumes and CV writing can help you earn online from home. There are many freelancing sites through which you can find resume writing work such as WriterBay, WriteZillas, UpWork and ResumeYard. 

12. Search Engine Optimization

This is a rapidly evolving field where passionate individuals who work as a SEO expert can earn online. It requires the SEO expert to optimize online content and websites in order to achieve maximum search engine rankings so that it shows up as a top result when searched for relevant keywords. 

13. Social media manager

Social media managers need to be active on social media platforms as they are represent the brand. They need to manage the comment section, compile campaigns design and create new content for blogs and brands. This job comes with good money as the organizations depend on you for handling their online pages and presence.

14. Content writer

Content writer, doing writing on a laptop.

Many websites and magazines need good content writers to write them articles. If writing is your passion that you can highly utilize this skill of yours to earn online. You can write about anything that is fascinating after doing a bit of research. 

15. Digital painter

Adding colors and bringing 2D or 3D computer animation images to life after the animator has done his job is what a digital painter required to do. He can work as a team member with scanners, compositors and color key artists.

16. Bookkeeping

Bookkeepers can earn a good amount online if they’re good with numbers as they’ll have to keep a track and update all the financial transactions for an organization. Maintaining records of credits and post debits and producing financial statements is a part of this job.

17. Scoping

There is high potential in this field and scopists have to edit the transcripts given to them by court reporters.

18. Video editing

A lot of focus is required for video editing but with the growing demand you can charge a good deal based on years of experience. They work with recorded raw material and turn them into finished product ready to be broadcasted.

19. Voiceover artist

Working online as a voiceover artist can turn out to be lucrative if you’re working with good production companies. It’s often used in movies, plays, TV series and other presentations.

20. Medical transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionist creates written reports for healthcare documentation assigned by physicians and other healthcare workers. Certification to work as medical transcriptionist can be obtained from companies including CareerStep. 

21. Customer service representative

Anyone having good communication and problem solving skills can apply for this job online. He will have to interact with various customers, provide for them after listening to their complaints, process orders and let the customers know about the organization’s products and services. 

22. Translator

Many translator gigs are offered on free lance sites with good pay rate. Anyone proficient in more than one language can take up the tasks and earn reasonable amount. Learning knows no boundaries, the more knowledgeable he is the better his chances will be.

Acquiring the necessary skills

Multiple degrees can be attained online such as Computer science degree, Business administration degree, Psychology, Nursing, Accounting and many else by getting enrolled in universities that offer online programs.

One can opt for online learning with certification including Lynda / LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Google Digital Garage, Khan academy, Oxford Home Study, Shaw academy, Openlearning, edX.org and many more. Coursera offers a vast variety of subject courses taught by the world’s best instructors and universities.

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