Top Backend Technologies That Are Not Going Out of Demand

Creating websites and software requires the use of both frontend and backend technologies. Frontend development focuses on user interfaces and is commonly referred to as the client-side. Backend is a term used to refer to server-side activities and focuses on data and algorithms, as well as functionality. Consider it the behind-the-scenes development that allows the user to interact with the technology.

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With multiple backend technologies, programming languages, and frameworks available, it is important to choose the right one for your project. This article will explore eight popular backend technologies and what they are commonly used for.


One of the oldest programming languages, C# is commonly used for desktop applications. It has a fast execution speed and is frequently used in game development. C# is a programming language used by Windows Installer. Some examples of C# frameworks include .NET, Xamarin, and Unity.

Xamarin has a growing community of developers and is used for mobile app development. It is an open-source framework and allows developers to easily update both iOS and Android applications. Storyo is an example of an application that was created using Xamarin.


Another programming language that has been around for a long time is C++. This programming language is often used in system programming and database software. It can also be used for operating systems and gaming applications. Microsoft Office uses C++ as a programming language. Some frameworks that use C++ are ASL, Apache, and APR.


Java is one of the most powerful programming languages and is often used by developers for mobile devices. It does use a lot of memory and can be expensive compared to some of the other programming languages. Hadoop was created using the Java programming language. Some frameworks that Java can be used for are Dropwizard, Blade, and GWT. Dropwizard is a lightweight, open-source framework. An example of a website using Dropwizard is Expedia.


JavaScript is one of the most common programming languages among web developers. A benefit of JavaScript is that web developers can use it for both frontend and backend technology. It is used to build web apps, server apps, and native abbs. JavaScript is fast and easy to use for both web and mobile applications. Facebook used JavaScript in its development.

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JavaScript can be used as a backend technology with Node.js which is popular for web development, real-time applications, and video streaming. Node.js is a lightweight technology and has a large community of web developers. Other frameworks using JavaScript include Express.js, Angular, React, and Vue. Express.js is very popular due to its flexibility and is used for many applications including Uber.


Kotlin is another backend technology that is becoming increasingly popular among web developers. It is easy to learn and requires less coding. With improved readability, Kotlin can facilitate faster web development. It is known to be very safe and secure and is preferred by Android developers. Trello is an example of an application created using Kotlin. Some of the frameworks that Kotlin uses are Spring, KTor, Javelin, and Spark.

KTor allows developers to quickly and easily create web applications. KTor is reliable, stable, and doesn’t use a lot of memory. It is lightweight and was developed by Kotlin.


PHP is commonly used by beginners and is a flexible programming language that allows for creativity. It has expressive syntax and its basic structure allows for fast web development. With PHP it is easy to add features. PHP is open-source and is used in WordPress. Wikipedia is an example of a website that uses PHP. Some of the most popular frameworks that can be used with PHP include Cake PHP, Symfony, and Laravel.

Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks. It is elegant, simple, and its versatility allows web developers to be creative. It is flexible, scalable, and reduces the amount of time spent on web development. Laravel also has an extensive community that web developers can learn from.


One of the fastest-growing programming languages, Python works on any platform. It is easy to understand and easy to code. It has a simple, straightforward syntax that allows for faster development. Python is open-source and has extensive libraries. It is popular with startups and easily scalable. Google is an example of a website using the Python programming language. Some of the Python frameworks include CherryPy, Flask, and Django.

Django’s clean design and high-level framework have everything a web developer needs. It is ideal for interactive web applications as it is highly customizable. It has a good security level and easily connects to other applications. Django has an extensive web development community. Instagram is an example of an application developed with Django. Flask is also used for web development. It is great for smaller projects and is easily customized. An example of a website developed with Flask is Pinterest.


Another open-source programming language is Ruby. This programming language is fast and ideal for developing web applications. It is predictable, stable, and great for long-term projects. It’s easy to add new features with Ruby, making it great for e-commerce and social media sites. GitHub is an example of an application developed with Ruby. Some of the frameworks using Ruby are Sinatra, Padrino, and Ruby on Rails.

A very popular framework, Ruby on Rails is one of the most used backend technologies. With plenty of community support, it is a great choice for beginners. It is easy and fast to write code with Ruby on Rails, which reduces the time a developer spends on web application development. Netflix is an example of a website that was created using Ruby on Rails.

Final thoughts

With so many backend technologies out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose for your project. As you can see, some technologies are easier and faster for beginners to learn. The type of project you are developing will also help you to determine which programming language and framework will be best.

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