The Importance of Creative Coding for Kids

Computer coding is a way of passing information to the computer in a manner which the computer understands. This is achievable through the use of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT etc. Like normal languages that we speak e.g. English and French, computer programming languages have different syntax and style that a programmer needs to be familiar with in order to use them effectively. Overtime, coding skills can be lost without practice just like we can lose knowledge of other languages if we don’t speak or practice them often. When starting out, it is expected to be overwhelmed by the depth and vastness of information there is in this field. To solve this, picking up one language at a time will help a great deal. This is one of the most lucrative fields in recent times that everyone should consider gaining knowledge on, whether for personal or career advancement. 

Five Reasons Why Children Should Learn How to Code

Improves Analytical Skills

Computer programming entails more than just writing long lines of code. For code to be effective, it must be written exactly in a way that the computer understands. This involves careful thinking and taking pragmatic steps to come up with an efficient step. The process of breaking down processes is called decomposition and is an important step in computational thinking. Sometimes the first approach won’t work and the coder has to keep trying time and time again to resolve the problem. 

It Builds Confidence

People who learn to code experience a confidence boost that comes with the ability of being able to  solve problems. If you have been wondering what importance coding can be to you, then maybe this will motivate you. The thrill that comes with identifying problems and providing solutions whether through web development, gaming, data science, etc., will definitely have you raising those shoulders a little bit higher.

Makes you Viable for Well Paying Jobs

Coding has been described as the career of both the present and future. What that means is, people who learn how to code will almost never have issues with securing high paying jobs because industry needs IT services from software to backend and front end developers. Additionally, as tech keeps advancing, openings keep getting created hence an unending need for tech professionals. This is an important reason to be very meticulous in mastering computer coding.

Coding Builds Resilience

Because the first try at getting a solution hardly works, computer coding builds a spirit of keep on trying in coders. The enthusiasm of eventually getting a solution builds a spirit of resilience among computer coders.

Coding is a Means of Playing while Learning

The main essence of coding is to provide innovative solutions for the day to day problems we face. By trying to solve minute problems you face individually, to solving societal issues, you have fun by playing around with different algorithms and protocols. Also, there isnʼt only one way to come up with a solution. This provides room for constant creativity and learning while playing.

Should Children Learn to Code?

There isn’t any specific age at which one should learn how to code. In fact, it is important to start inculcating knowledge when they are young. Children as young as 5 years can start picking up the basics of coding using several simpler languages designed for kids. By the time they get older, they must have progressed to the more complex programming language, thereby consistently building skills over time.

Coding from a young age helps to better children’s visual and computing ability, helps them to be better thinkers, and also helps to improve their focus especially for children who struggle with this.

It is recommended that they progress gradually from about one hour a day to 2 hours and more as they grow older and get more comfortable. Because it is also important to protect their eyes and overall health from the hazards of too much screen time and sedentary lifestyle, having them engage in other activities to balance these will help a great deal.

Several resources are available to teach children the basics of coding.

Generally, the ability to code is referred to in this age as digital literacy. This skill gives you an edge over others who aren’t digitally literate as it helps you leverage innovative methods to come up with pertinent solutions be it in finance, health, telecoms, law, or any other specialty.

How Can Children Start Learning to Code?

A few years ago, it was quite hard to lay hands on coding resources for learners but with the advent of the internet, several online courses and open source material have been made available to anyone who desires to acquire the knowledge.

Children can start with block programming softwares like scratch and turtle stitch to help them grasp the intricacies of the concept and why decomposition is important. Scratch can be used for animation and gaming and is very straight forward.

Other free resources which can be utilized include free courses on interactive and non-interactive sites, distance learning and conference calls with mentors and teachers.

Nowadays, so much open-source code exists that help make learning coding even easier. Open source code refers to code than can be freely accessed and modified. This also makes innovative solutions readily available for use by whoever needs it.

Coding has been described as a social activity. This means that it is rare to see someone who practices or learns code without company whether in real life or virtually. The solidarity is important in building morals and resilience.

The importance of a community can therefore not be over emphasized. It can get very difficult sometimes and draining but when you have people who face related problems, it is easier to move further together.

With all the above mentioned, it is no doubt that coding is amongst one of the most valuable skills to learn in the 21st century. 

Let’s get coding.

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