Ladies Learning To Code – Top Resources, Bootcamps, and Ideas

Coding careers are becoming increasingly popular for ladies and there are plenty of reasons why! Working as a coder or developer offers a great salary. People working in the computer and information technology sector earned an average of $91,250 in 2020. There is faster than average growth in this industry, and this demand means you have lots of opportunities!

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Learning to code is something that more and more ladies are doing. About 25 percent of software developers are female. Globally, ladies make up 28 percent of information and communication technology students. Coding can provide a flexible schedule and allow you to set your own hours of work. Many ladies in this industry work remotely and enjoy using their creativity in the job.

Coding for Ladies

Lots of opportunities exist for learning to code and you don’t need to major in computer science to take advantage. In a survey of 100,000 developers, about 24 percent didn’t have any degree at all. Many coders learn through online courses, bootcamps, or in-person workshops. The same survey found that for those who participated in a coding bootcamp, who were not already employed full-time, 44 percent found work in less than a month!

A great place to start learning about coding is Women Who Code. Ladies can join a global virtual network or search for a local network in their area. With over 80 local groups in cities around the world, Women Who Code has thousands of members! They offer a wide variety of support to ladies including online events, workshops, social meetups, career development, and scholarships! The Women Who Code blog provides an excellent introduction to ladies learning to code.

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If you’re brand new to learning about coding, or if you’re not sure if it’s right for you, start with a free course. There are plenty of options out there to explore. Look for a basic course that teaches JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, the three most common programming languages used by professional developers. Let’s look at the education resources that are available!

Free Coding Classes

The Odin Project was founded in 2013 and has had almost half a million learners take their courses! In addition to Javascript, HTML, and CSS courses, they also provide instruction on Git, Ruby, and Node.js. Their curriculum is completely free of charge and is offered entirely online. The Odin Project is geared toward beginner developers and allows you to work on various projects that can help you build up your portfolio.

Another free option is codebar. Offering courses in the US and several other countries around the globe, codebar provides both in-person and virtual offerings. Codebar’s goal is to provide options to minorities who may not otherwise have access to learning code.

Tutorials are offered in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, Python, and Git.

Ada Developers Academy, based in Seattle, is a no-cost coding school designed for ladies. The organization prioritizes ladies who face systemic health, educational, and economic barriers. 72 percent of students are people of color. Founded in 2013 with an initial roster of 16 individuals, Ada Developers Academy now serves almost 200 students each year. The program provides an in-depth learning opportunity, with six months of in-class study followed by a five-month internship. One of the most comprehensive coding programs in the United States, it is also one of the most competitive to get into.

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If you’re looking for a quick introduction to programming, try Django Girls. They have over 500 local organizers around the globe who provide free one-day programming workshops. The material covers HTML, CSS, Python, and Django. The majority of workshops are provided specifically for ladies.

A unique organization offering coding classes is Canada Learning Code. It is free to register, however, they do accept pay-what-you-can donations, making their courses accessible to everyone who wants to learn to code. Founded in 2011, they have hosted over 10,000 educational sessions and taught over 600,000 users. Course offerings include SQL, CSS, and JavaScript. They also have classes for kids and teens!

Coding Classes with a Cost

Udacity offers project-based learning and provides personalized feedback on your work to help you grow your coding skills. Options for basic programming include courses on JavaScript, Python, and React. Costs vary for courses and Udacity has several scholarship programs available to assist students. They also provide career support to individuals enrolled in their classes, helping them with resume development and job searching.

With programming designed for ladies, Shecodes has a mix of free and for-purchase coding classes. All courses are provided online, including the free introductory session for beginners. Shecodes lets you choose from four levels of learning: Basic, Plus, Plus React, and Pro. The Basic course is affordably priced at $149, with other levels increasing in price. Monthly payment options are available.

Udemy is a massive open online course (MOOC) provider that stands out because it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all courses. Classes are video-based so that you can learn at your own pace and at a time that is convenient for you. Over 10,000 coding and programming courses are offered, ranging from beginner to intermediate. With several hundred free classes available, this is a great option to try.

Skillcrush provides online, self-paced classes in coding, design, and user experience. Most of their courses run for three months and cost $549, with the option of monthly payments. The courses also have a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Skillcrush provides a free coding camp that teaches the basics of HTML and CSS.


If you are looking to join the thousands of ladies learning to code, you can see there are many options available to you. Whether you prefer online classes or in-person workshops, there is something for everyone. Get your feet wet with one of the no-cost introductory classes to get an idea of what you want to pursue. Remember there is a global community of ladies who code ready and willing to support you in your journey!

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