Most In-Demand Skills for the Future: The Tech Industry List

One of the fastest-growing areas today is the technology industry. If you want to start your career in the tech industry, there are some key skills you need to have.

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Employers are looking for specific abilities when they hire someone for a tech role in their company. Freelance and self-employed people also need these skills to succeed in the tech industry. Let’s take a look at the most in-demand skills for the future.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the provision of online, on-demand computing services that organizations can use on a pay-as-you-go basis. Instead of local storage, businesses use a cloud. There are three types of clouds: public, private, and hybrid.

Organizations often choose cloud computing as it saves them space, money, and time. Cloud computing also offers good security and data recovery measures. Cloud computing includes infrastructure as a service (IAAS), platform as a service (PAAS), and software as a service (SAAS).

Some popular cloud computing services include Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). As more companies switch to cloud computing, being skilled in these services will put you at a distinct advantage.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is a desirable skill as it helps companies improve their efficiency and productivity. It is used in various industries, from medicine and agriculture to transportation and finance.

Machine learning is frequently used in healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. The demand for this skill continues to grow as companies try to decrease costs and increase performance.

Mathematics, probability, and statistics are all skills related to machine learning. Having knowledge of various programming languages will complement your machine learning and AI skills.

User Interface Design

With the average adult in the United States spending an average of eight hours online each day, the demand for user interface design is growing. Website, app, and video game development all require the skills of a user interface designer.

Knowing how to create accessible, visually appealing, and intuitive websites and apps is a skill many employers are looking for. Almost every business and organization has a website and the demand for designers is increasing.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual reality creates a simulated environment through the use of technology. Augmented reality enhances real-world objects with the use of technology. Creative professionals will benefit from learning skills related to virtual reality and augmented reality. Industries that use virtual reality include game development, medicine, mental health, education, and the military.

Business, tourism, and entertainment are examples of industries that look for employees who are skilled in augmented reality. The use of both virtual reality and augmented reality is expected to increase as companies learn how to incorporate these tools into their operations.

Cyber Security

Keeping computer systems and networks safe and secure is a top priority for businesses and organizations regardless of industry. The ongoing threat of cyber-attacks means that companies need to invest in protecting their systems.

Cyber security includes maintaining the security of networks and the confidentiality of information. The day-to-day functioning of an organization can be severely impacted by a breach in security.

Companies will pay well for employees who are able to keep their company information and networks safe. Training in cyber security will position you as a valuable employee to almost any company.


Blockchain technology was originally created to be used with Bitcoin, however, it now has many other uses. The ability to store information in such a way that prevents hacking and alteration is a technology desirable to many companies.

Industries that hire blockchain developers include banking, automotive, insurance, pharmaceutical, and real estate. Learning design, algorithms, and programming are all part of developing skills in blockchain development.

Data Analytics

Data analysis is the process of reviewing and organizing raw data and using it to make predictions and conclusions. Skills involved with data analytics include data cleaning, data visualization, and statistical analysis.

Jobs for data professionals are in demand and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Industries like insurance, financial services, and healthcare utilize the skills of data analysts and data engineers.

Video Production

There is a definite demand for producing videos, whether that be online, television, or film. Video production encompasses skills like project development, directing, shooting, and editing.

The entertainment industry is a big source of jobs in this area, as are the education and journalism sectors. Careers include video editor, sound editor, producer, director, and content creator.

Mobile App Development

Learning to develop mobile apps for Android and iOS devices is a skill that’s in high demand. People today spend hours on their phones and use dozens of different apps a day. There is an app for everything, from education to productivity to entertainment.

Building your skills in mobile app development includes learning the ins and outs of web technologies, user interface and experience, programming languages and frameworks.

Full Stack Development

Full-stack developers are able to work on the server-side and client-side of applications. Having the ability to do both gives you greater appeal to employers than someone who can just do front-end or back-end development.

Learning full stack development involves becoming skilled in various programming languages. It’s also helpful to have some knowledge of graphic design when working as a full-stack developer.


There is a demand in many industries for people who are skilled in robotic design and development. The automotive sector, healthcare, and agriculture are three areas that rely on robotics for various uses.

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Programming, design, and engineering are all skills involved in learning robotics. Industries use robotics to increase the efficiency of certain tasks, specifically repetitive ones.

Top Skills for the Tech Industry

As the tech industry continues to expand, people skilled in these areas will be in great demand. More businesses and organizations are using technology to enhance their capabilities and improve their bottom line. Employees who are able to contribute to technological advancement will be at the top of the list when companies are hiring.

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