Difference Between Descriptive and Inferential Statistics – And Why It Matters to You as a Data Scientist

Statistics play a key role in the jobs of data scientists. Collecting, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data are all tasks that involve the use of statistics. Statistics help to provide summaries of data and to simplify large amounts of information. The two main types of statistics that data scientists use are descriptive and inferential statistics. … Read more

Top Backend Technologies That Are Not Going Out of Demand

Creating websites and software requires the use of both frontend and backend technologies. Frontend development focuses on user interfaces and is commonly referred to as the client-side. Backend is a term used to refer to server-side activities and focuses on data and algorithms, as well as functionality. Consider it the behind-the-scenes development that allows the … Read more

Who Is an Associate Software Engineer and How To Know if You Should Become One

Associate software engineers play a major role in the design and development of computer software. With an average salary of $85,000 and a high of $116,000, this is a lucrative career in the computer science field. In this article, you’ll learn what exactly an associated software engineer does, what skills they have, and what it … Read more